Friends in Business


Over the years Floral Art & Design has had the pleasure of working with some truly inspiring individuals and we are proud to have collaborated with each professional Business.  Here are a selection of Businesses who we have had dealings with and who may also be of interest to you. Below you can find links to their websites or contact information, makeing it easier for you to get in touch and take advantage of their offers and services.

We would greatly appreciate it if upon contacting them you mentioned that you got their name and details from Floral Art & Design

As we all know Weddings and Flowers can go hand in hand which is why you'll find all of our friends associated with Wedding ceremonies in some way or another. Through this network of associated businesses we hope help facilitate arrangements for your 'Big Day'.


Bride & Joy

Authentic Living Photography Photographer

Accura Imaging

Printing & Display Solutions

Julie Lomas

Bespoke Cakes
Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services Ltd
Funeral Directors

Exquisite Wedding Cars